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Fahad Al Tamimi – Casino Gambling Benefits from Covid-19




The COVID-19 global outbreak has diversely impacted the economy.  Some industries have been entirely bankrupted, while others have benefited greatly from the global lockdowns.  The social distancing requirements have thus far resulted in over 2.7 billion employees, or roughly 81% of the international workforce, being fired or furloughed.

Live sporting events for example such as boxing and football have come to an entire standstill, while international gambling industry giants have converted their betting platforms to stream live poker games.  Online casino betting fits within the new-normal of social-distancing, as people do not have to leave the comfort of their homes to access games.  As a result of the digital maneuver, casino conglomerates are now generating huge revenue, at the expense during the process of exploiting the vulnerable unemployed. 

Research of Dr. Joshua Cartu
Pathological gambling has, for decades, and been considered a global problem for hundreds of years.  However, it was only in the 1980’s when gambling became categorized as a clinical behavioral disorder.

According to research conducted by Dr. Josh Cartu, on behalf of the Fahad Al Tamimi Gambling Treatment Program, since the announcement of the Covid-19 pandemic 5 months ago, internet casino gambling sites have significantly been on the rise acquiring new players and billions of dollars in deposits.

As the allure of scoring a huge win continues to win hearts, gaming platforms are enjoying an edge by targeting the readily unemployed players who are vulnerable to the lockdown circumstances. The research of Josh Cartu reveals financial uncertainty to be among the top factors driving people to online casino platforms to participate in gambling.

Dr. Cartu explains, “Another contributing factor to the rise in online gambling is casino websites are accessible globally, which means the USA, Europe, or even the Saudi Arabian governments cannot prevent access to gaming platforms”.   

Dr. Fahad Al Tamimi, a psychologist specializing in gambling-related addictions, claims financial uncertainty attached to the norm of social distancing is only part of the catalyst driving people into gambling.  Dr. Al Tamimi says during these uncertain times of mass unemployment and global lockdowns, people feel limited.  In a recent webinar, he explained by placing financial value on games of chance, this psychologically makes the better believe they can influence the outcome. 

Following the results of a recent online gambling survey, Dr. Joshua Cartu found the increase in online casino betting is attributed to escaping boredom, emotional pain, or to finance the time-period in which gamblers are unemployed.

European Casino Gambling Regulation
It would seem the gambling industry is immune to the repercussions of the coronavirus.  However, various countries, especially the worst-hit pandemic regions of Europe, have realized the dangers and implemented measures to curb the rise of pathological gamblers.

In Latvia, for instance, online gambling during the Coronavirus lockdown has been banned, while in Spain, gambling advertisements have been limited to ensure that online casinos don’t take advantage of the situation. In the United Kingdom, additional restrictions have been put in place forbidding credit card depositing and regulate engagement with gaming platforms to prevent taking advantage of the vulnerable populace. 

Fahad Tamimi states if more countries followed suit, it would help and ensure that after the global pandemic, people are not mentally and financially infected by debt, addiction, and other behavioral disorders.

Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Addiction Treatment Therapy
According to the Fahad Al-Tamimi gambling treatment center experts, people suffering from gambling addictions, especially amid the Coronavirus global pandemic, are dangerous.  The anticipation of scoring significant financial wins during these uncertain global lockdown times, is misleading and often leads to crime. 

Those affected by gambling need to consult professional help for intervention, therapy, and rehabilitation.  The Fahad Al Tamimi Gambling Treatment Program  has aided over 8,000 patients with compulsive behavior disorders to overcome their addiction illness.

If you notice or suspect that a loved one has developed a gambling addiction, it is advised to seek immediate assistance and intervention. Reliable and reputable gambling rehabilitation centers will help with a remedy to prevent the loss of money and relationships.

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