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Entrepreneurship helps Sarah Nicole Use a Personal Project to Run a Campaign Against Bullying and Suicide




Sarah Nicole, a young entrepreneur, faced a lot of bad experiences in the form of bullying during his adolescent age. It damaged her physical integrity and even made her choose the path of suicide. It was her mother who offered her the helping hand to overcome personal barriers in her life.

Now, Sarah Nicole is making use of his entrepreneurial abilities to spread the motivational message among people against suicide and bullying. Her mother is supporting her in this venture. For Sarah, a personal project has converted into a campaign to spread awareness and positivity among people.

Entrepreneurship Transforms her Mentality

Sarah Nicole considers that while walking on the path of entrepreneurship, she has witnessed a complete transformation in her mentality. It has not just taught her to overcome challenges but work for a cause by utilizing every opportunity in crisis.

While running her campaign against bullying and suicide, Sarah came to know about her strong willpower and it has made a big difference in her life. Both Sarah and her mother have started a campaign through the design and sale of clothes with Sarah’s image to inspire people to overcome hard experiences in their lives.

Perseverance and Consistent Efforts 

Sarah along with her mother runs a campaign to sell t-shirts with her image on it. They have learned to make constant efforts by keeping perseverance in their minds. And it has helped them to achieve their goals to motivate people to overcome any type of challenge in their lives.

Learn to Handle Challenges

Sarah Nicole believes that entrepreneurship has taught her to handle various challenges in her life to reach her goals. It has helped to deal with complex situations with strength and hence she has managed to run her campaign against bullying successfully.

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