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Entrepreneur Rohit Tayade captivates the social media with his excellent skills




Rohit Tayade takes over the social media industry by storm merely at an age of 18

The world of social media seems to have no stopping and we have witnessed its power. It is said that in 2020, there are more than 687 million users on the internet in India and it is just growing at an unprecedented rate. While the usage of the internet is increasing, the year 2025 will have 1 billion internet users as per the reports. The usage of the internet has given a new dimension to social media and young people have made their careers as social media marketers. Rohit Tayade, a third-year mechanical engineering student has accomplished his goal as a notable digital expert. He is the founder of RealOwnMedia and is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Pune.

Despite such a strenuous schedule of engineering, the 18-year old boy takes out time for social media. When asked about his love for doing social media campaigns, the digital entrepreneur quipped saying, “Social media always fascinated me. Everything has become easy and looking at the power of social media, every person or brand has made their strong digital presence. The best thing I have observed is that social media and digital marketing campaigns have gradually replaced traditional marketing methods.” Besides this, Rohit is an ultimate guide to all the digital errors and he has over the years upgraded his skills thus staying apart from his contemporaries.

With tremendous knowledge, the influencer very well knows about the type of content that works on the internet. “Following online trends is easy but creating them is extremely difficult. I am always open to innovation and love trying something new”, states Rohit. Moreover, Tayade not only works as a social media marketer but he even has a YouTube channel that is now growing in full swing. According to him, brand collaborations help the most in building a strong digital presence.

Tayade says that every day is a new experience for him as he comes up with several quirky and unique social media ideas. Striking a perfect balance between work and his studies, the 18-year old entrepreneur is a classic example for every teenager. “Earn while you learn” perfectly describes Rohit and his capability to go beyond limits is something worth appreciating. In his leisure time, Rohit Tayade learns new skills which he implements in his day-to-day work. His major plan is to bring India on a global level and provide the best online marketing services to clients from all over the world.



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