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Entrepreneur Keenan Williams wills to share his Expertise with new Entrepreneurs




Keenan Williams is the young entrepreneur everyone needs to follow who aims to start an online business and grow it especially in these times of economic crisis. He has been doing wonders and achieving remarkable results. What sets him apart from others is not only his business acumen but the willingness to share his experience with others.

Keenan’s Motto

Keenan started his project ‘7 Figures’, 5 months ago. The project aims to guide and provide the stakeholders with the appropriate tools to scale up their business. He wills to impart the knowledge and experience he has gained with other, new and young entrepreneurs.

The key element

Pandemic has affected most businesses. The companies that have remained afloat are the ones which had planned their finances and work well. Keenan says that planning is the key element for every business. When everything is planned then only one can develop their businesses. Even in these exceptional circumstances, Keenan’s company kept working even though it was remote. They are making good use of the tools available at hand like the Internet and technology.

Work during pandemic

Keenan’s company achieved revenues of $1.7 million even during the pandemic in 30 days of business. Social networks made sure that the work does not stop. Keenan shares that he and his company in fact got an opportunity to increase their productivity comparably. One can see its reflection on the figures the company is generating. They have achieved great results even in trying times. They kept to their objectives while taking all the necessary precautions so that every project is on track. They were completely aware of the situation and instead of getting bogged down decided to develop the work while sticking to all preventive measures.

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