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Enthralling the world with his excellence in the field of brand reputation on social media as a social media lawyer is Riccardo Lanzo.




He explains what has helped him reach the pinnacle of success in the vast digital world as a lawyer.

 No matter how much ever we speak about certain professionals and entrepreneurs across industries and fields of the world, it still feels much more discussions are needed around them, for the world to know their struggles, journeys, failures and the many successes they earned all by themselves, becoming a self-made success story. The kind of journeys certain successful names have lived have turned them into resilient professionals, who feared none and went ahead in attaining the success they desired. Amongst these, there were also a few individuals who worked hard to fulfil a need and impact lives of their clients with what they offered. Riccardo Lanzo, a leading social media lawyer from Italy, effortlessly makes a special place for himself in the latter category, who always aimed to go beyond the usual and address issues that were not much focused on before by other lawyers.

Riccardo Lanzo explains a few reasons, he believes has helped him achieve so much as a 39-year-old social media lawyer, and author to books such as Facebook Law, Google Law, Right to be forgotten and Right to Oblivion (latest best-seller). He says his passion has been a great contributor to his success that has helped him go deep into every case he has handled, helping him consistently move ahead. Besides passion, it is his commitment, which has helped him stay steadfast in his aim to help his clients maintain their image. He also credits his success to his ability to adapt according to the trends of the industry, which has helped him professionally update to identify the best response, while protecting the rights and interests of his clients.

Cases like defamation, copyright, harassment, non-compliance, creation of false profiles, Facebook disclaimer, right to images, trademarks, privacy and confidentiality are certain issues that may arise on social media. Such matters require professional lawyers, who can get to the source of the problem and solve the same with their expertise, experience and knowledge. Riccardo Lanzo solves all of this and much more, which has earned him a massive presence in the law field, specializing in brand reputation on social media. Whether, it is a business owner, freelancer, celebrity, company or an influencer, Riccardo Lanzo helps all and makes sure to protect and maintain their brand image on social media. That’s how he also earned Khaby Lame, the famous TikTok star, apart from many other foreign companies as his clients.

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