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Elizabeth Pritchard and Christine Burns – transforming the lives of women through their mentorship programs.




They are empowering women to have the power to rise up and lead authentic lives.

 Various professions provide the opportunity to expand knowledge, contribute to community well-being and foster health, but many women do not seek or move into leadership positions. This is not because they lack ability or ambition, but because they face obstacles, such as implicit and overt bias; sexual harassment; unequal treatment to funding and resources; payment inequity; higher teaching and advisory burdens; and fewer speaking opportunities, among others. With the vision of creating a global STEMM (Science Technology Engineering Math Medicine) community, embracing an authentic leadership practice, the enchanting entrepreneurs Elizabeth Pritchard and Christine Burns have founded the ‘WALT Institute’.

 Elizabeth is a published author in international academic journals, ABC News Australia and Thrive Global. She is a researcher, acknowledged keynote speaker and an excellent facilitator at international conferences. She is WALT Institute’s director and recognized for her ability to inspire women to believe that they are enough and have much to contribute in STEMM. On the other hand, born in Manawatu, New Zealand, Christine is a charismatic and engaging presenter who has written Thrive Global papers and is currently writing a book on the cultivation of authentic resilience. She specializes in busting through people’s limiting stories as the WALT Institute CEO and creates opportunities for them to discover that there is so much more in their tank. She has represented New Zealand in indoor hockey for 13 years, including 4 years as captain of the team, and learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Christine has developed incredible skills to always bounce forward, no matter what.

 Both Elizabeth and Christine are coaches and train women to succeed in life and careers through their programs; improving their confidence, self-belief, and productivity. They enable women in STEMM to gain promotion, have stronger collaborations, be more competitive and drive themselves and others effectively. “It is our vision to cultivate a global STEMM community embracing authentic leadership practice.” says the dynamic duo. Co-founded by Elizabeth and Christine, the WALT Institute is a coaching, training and research organization which aims to unleash the potential of individuals to leap into their personal power to be an authentic leader in STEMM. They say, “The STEMM world can be competitive, full of deceptions, defeats and unspeakable demands. However, with high levels of energy, positive personal relationships and efficiency, there is a way to thrive and succeed. As a result of our coaching and training, individuals are more resilient and confident in leading themselves and others with authenticity. That’s the reason why they experience for themselves and their families, a life with less tension, more achievement, and more leisure time.”

 The goal of Elizabeth and Christine is to enrich the capacity of people to step into their power, maximize their intrinsic talents, resilience, and trust, to be a leader of themselves and then others in their respective industry.

 To know more, follow them on Instagram @waltinstitute or visit their official website

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