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Dr KaNisha L. Hall throws light on her book ‘Sex After….’. Here’s what she has to say!




Life’s journey is not a straight road but filled with lots of turns and surprises. The surprise element for Dr KaNisha L. Hall is that she is not just restricted to the medical profession. Exploring her true potential as a top-notch doctor and practitioner, she has drifted into an unknown territory of writing and has carved a niche for herself. Being anesthesiologist, sexual wellness coach, physician and a counsellor, she deep-dived into writing and wrote a book titled

‘Sex After….’ (A Woman’s Guide To Empowered and Enhanced Sexual Experiences In The Evolution of Life.) The book is a perfect guide to personal sexual empowerment for women of all generations.

Sharing about how the book came to life, Dr KaNisha said, “I started writing when I got to know about the sexual challenges faced by my closed ones and few women I observed in my daily medical practice. The book provides every woman with the tools to take ownership of their sexual pleasure and informs them about sexual wellness.” The doctor further stated that there is an ample number of life situations and circumstances which span generational realities, regarding the sexual satisfaction of women which are addressed in the book. Moreover, she is sure that every woman who reads the book will experience the optimal intimate experience in their sexual lives.

Graduated from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine, she is one of many healthcare heroes who have answered that call of duty to serve in the frontlines of global pandemic. Dr. KaNisha states, “these perilous times have made me appreciate my health and overall wellness. It really isn’t enough to be physically strong. You need to be mentally and spiritually strong. A pandemic should not be an excuse to neglect one’s sexual wellness either.” Besides sexual wellness, she provides awareness for healthcare disparities addiction medicine and comprehensive wellness.  Currently based in Houston, Texas, she also conducts  counselling sessions and can be found lecturing at various institutes and conferences all over the world.

Behind her immense success, Dr KaNisha thanks her parents and family for what she is today. Empowering and making a way for others, the doctor has been the inspirational force for many young minds today. Building a platform for many young professionals, Dr KaNisha seems to have no stopping. Continuing the incredible works of counselling patients, she has plans of writing more books in the future. One thing to mention about her journey is the Alfred Hall III Foundation which is running successfully in honour of her father. The foundation has till date distributed numerous scholarships and has supported higher education for the doctors of tomorrow.

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