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Dr. Justin Raanan puts smiles on the faces of more Beverly Hills celebrities!




Certified cosmetic dentistry expert, Dr. Justin Raanan, adds more celebrities to his illustrious list of clients across the nation.

Dr. Justin Raanan is one of the most sought-after cosmetic dentistry specialists in Beverly Hills. Over the years, the cosmetic dentistry expert has helped many celebrities in and around Beverly Hills to get their smile and confidence back, thanks to a wide range of bespoke solutions. His unique minimally invasive techniques has made fear of Dentistry and Surgery a thing of the past. The dentist has produced many amazing results for his patients, becoming the toast of celebrities from all walks of life.

The mouth remains one of the most critical parts of the body, acting as an entryway for food and drinks into the body and serving as the house for other essential body parts, such as teeth and tongue. Consequently, individuals must take good care of the mouth, starting by caring for their teeth and gums. However, the relative difficulty in accessing quality dental services means that many people struggle to get the kind of dental care needed for their teeth and mouth. That seems to be different for the people of Beverly Hills and surrounding areas, thanks to the likes of Dr. Justin Raanan and his amazing solutions and team.

Dr. Justin seems to have put an end to the era of spending lots of resources, including money and time, without getting the desired results. He provides a plethora of dental care solutions to his patients. He believes in creating an environment where all specialties work in one location to provide his patients the best results. The cosmetic dentist’s services include Smile Makeovers, NuVeneers, Veneers, General dentistry, Teeth whitening, Sedation dentistry (sleep dentistry), Implant Surgery, Periodontal surgery, Orthodontics, Canine Exposures, Laser Dentistry, Socket Preservations, and third molar extractions.

Dr. Justin has successfully built a reputation for helping clients to preserve the natural integrity of their teeth and enhancing their smiles while ensuring that the qualities that make it uniquely theirs remain intact. Staying true to helping clients achieve a natural-looking smile, Dr. Justin has continued to develop top-notch solutions to meet his patients’ diverse needs.

Dr. Justin’s works have not gone unnoticed, with accolades coming from different quarters. Some of the awards and honors he has received in recent times include the Harvard Research Award in 2016, a nomination for the Balint Orban Memorial in 2015 and has been published multiple times for his innovations and new surgical techniques in his field in prestigious peer reviewed magazines.

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