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Digital Marketing Expert Paul James Malczewski Shares Insights on Building a Massive YouTube Channel




YouTube, the second most visited website in the world, has a broad reach across the globe with more than a billion users. It is one of the most effective mediums to connect and build an audience. YouTube is generally considered a platform for entertainment content, which is not entirely accurate. On the contrary, it is full of informational content, and has become a useful tool for any individual or brand to market themselves, create a remarkable brand presence and generate ad revenue.

With so many channels vying to grab the eyeballs, Paul James Malczewski shares the key components to stand out and build a successful channel. A multi-faceted personality, he is an entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, author of Reverse Engineer Your Future: Stop Waiting for Success-Go Out and Make It Happen Now, creator of the DialHawk software, and successful YouTuber with more than 2,00,000 subscribers and nearly 300 videos.         

Paul stresses the importance of quality content and targeting the right audience. He shares the various aspects that help build a popular YouTube channel:

Content – Content is king, but it has to be unique, engaging, riveting, and compelling to resonate with the target audience. Create a niche to attract the specific viewers you want to reach. 

Title – Titles and thumbnails make or break a video’s performance. Research the keywords generally used by viewers to search for a specific video and use it in the title. This will ensure a higher ranking during the search. An attractive thumbnail is also an effective tactic to gain traction. 

Audience – Determining the target audience and aligning your content is paramount for success. Understand your viewers and cater to their needs and goals to create engagement, leading to an increase in the number of followers. 

Consistency – Strategize and create content that has your trademark style. Also, stay consistent on the frequency of posts in a week. 

Duration – Usually, 10 mins or more is considered an ideal video duration to gain audience retention. Since the YouTube algorithm focuses on watch time and audience retention, it will promote the video in the suggested feature and help gain viewers. Also, longer videos generate more revenue due to the inclusion of additional ads.

Paul launched a digital marketing agency in 2010 to help his clients improve their online presence and revenue via impressive SEO techniques and lead generation. Due to his creative and brilliant marketing skills, his revenue skyrocketed to 6 figures. He started his channel iampauljames in 2011 to share his knowledge on building a successful SEO agency and update the followers on the latest trends in digital marketing. His videos educate the audience on diverse topics ranging from Google ranking, SEO, Amazon affiliate marketing, lead generation, negotiation skills, and more. The channel supplemented his revenue and also propelled his income to 7 figures besides bringing along new clients.

Follow Paul James Malczewski on Instagram @hellopauljames and YouTube for more insight and attend the free masterclasses he hosts to share valuable information, tips, and tricks.

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