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CBD Infused Water? Greene Concepts (INKW) Partners with SoluScience to Make it Happen




Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC: INKW) announced that they had formed a joint partnership with SoluScience LLC to bring their immunity support beverage products with CBN, CBD, and CBG to the market. The label on the latest product bottle will have these phrases; Be Happy, Be Mellow, BE Hemp, and Be Water. SoluScience has taken the beverage market by storm with its unique “Happy Mellow” formula blend designed to give people a fast-acting ingredient that improves total body health for prolonged periods.

Among its features, SoluScience’s “Happy Mellow” has a high-water solubility rate that minimizes the setbacks evident in products that use oil-based components for their design. SoluScience has formulated the Happy Mellow product to complement the body’s natural healing processes of anxiety, anti-inflammation, joint pain relief, muscle relaxation, immune boosting, stress relief, among other many benefits. According to Tom Blakely, the Managing Partner and CEO of SoluScience LLC, they are happy to partner and work with Greene Concepts to develop the magnificent “Happy Mellow” beverage brand. They will get assistance from Greene Concepts in creating a less than ten-minutes fast-acting and potent, fully solubilized new and unique brand for the market. Using the Happy Mellow formula, they will transform the BE WATER water brand into a one-of-a-kind consumer-friendly beverage with health benefits free from pollution and impurities.

In his remarks, Lenny Greene, the CEO of Greene Concepts, said they had welcomed the partnership with SoluScience with lots of gratitude. They will work together to formulate the new BE WATER Happy Mellow beverage line. He also provided details on the unique BE WATER Happy Mellow fast-acting ability to relieve pain after drinking one 16.9 oz bottle. His knee’s arthritis pain disappeared, and he was relaxed with a well-being feeling. He also believes as a supporter of healthy lifestyles, their partnership with SoluScience and Sunflower Consulting Group will be a game-changer through improving the lifestyle of the people in the United States and beyond.

This partnership will see the two companies position themselves strategically to capitalize on the expanding U.S. cannabidiol (CBD) market. With a CAGR growth rate of 42.36%, the cannabidiol market is therefore estimated to grow to $13.39 million in 2024. The CBD market’s growth is attributed to the upsurge in healthcare expenditure, high depression rates, increased online retail services for CBD products, and the rising geriatric population. Some of the notable trends responsible for the CBD market’s growth are arthritis prevalence, rising adoption among millennials, the increasing number of chronic illnesses, and recurrent sports injuries.

These trends make the U.S cannabidiol market categorization based on the various types, products, and distribution channels which includes; cannabis-derived, hemp-derived, among other pharmaceuticals. The product category is divided into the confection, inhalable, sublingual, beauty, wellness, food & beverages, pet care, and supplements. The distribution channel in the cannabidiol market is classified into two retail and dispensary segments.

The tremendous growth of the CBD market and the high-quality of the Happy Mellow product combine with the BE WATER brand makes it a sure win for both Greene Concepts and SoluScience.

Sharon was always fascinated by the workings of the human body and for her, nothing was better than being a health news journalist. By creating news pieces for the latest happenings in the world of human health, Sharon aims to create awareness among the readers to help them include better and healthy options in their daily lifestyle.

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