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$CBD Coin: All You Need to Know About This “First of a Kind” Cryptocurrency




C​ryptocurrency is undoubtedly on the rise. These digital assets are funding concepts and ideas worldwide through an unprecedented economic exchange from investment to charity endeavors. With different coins available for various causes, charitable crypto is bringing this technology to the forefront of society for good. $CBD Coin, a revolutionary charity coin helping increase access to CBD, is the first of its kind.

The world’s first charity CBD cryptocurrency, $CBD Coin, donates CBD products to those who cannot afford the natural benefits of this holistic medicine to treat their ailments. CBD is life-changing, but it is still unfortunately riddled with confusion and regulations that prevent access, especially to the most vulnerable. “CBD changes lives,” state the creators of $CBD Coin. “But it can only help if people can get it.” The company will connect with to facilitate crypto payments using $CBD Coin.

Natural medicine can get incredibly expensive for people on disability, government assistance, and low-income situations. $CBD Coin donates 3% of fees to cover the cost of providing CBD to those in need. With a 9% transaction tax divided up in 3% increments, the money is evenly distributed back to the liquidity pool, to marketing, and most importantly, to the main focus of CBD donations. $CBD Coin will not be increasing to 5% for charity tax.

“​CBD is gaining traction worldwide as a highly effective and beneficial medicine challenging our notions of healthcare and pharmaceuticals,” explain the founders. “What we want to create is an investment that gives back and promotes healing. Natural medicine is the future, and better health relies on increasing access to it.”

A​ long-term project with anti-dump rules created to support its 1000+ holders and the industry, $CBD Coin has its sights set on the future. “As the world turns toward plant-based medicine, at $CBD Coin, we are working hard to leverage a substantial investment and raising awareness,” state the founders. Revolutionary and the first CBD charity coin out there $CBD Coin provides unfettered access to better health and, in turn, a better future.

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