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Cannabis Plants Give you Signals if its Growth Environment is Getting Toxic




The seedling stage when growing cannabis is the most important for the plants to be strong and healthy. This is a vulnerable time for the growing plant and it needs a lot of TLC to flourish. One shouldn’t water it too much for it to become soaked and over saturated. Soil, the growing medium of the plant should be damp and moist for the health of the plant.

The quantity of the water should be such that they thrive and not over soaked for them to be negatively impacted by water. Be mindful of the quantity as the nutrients might just wash away or the plant melt due to the water. There can be serious issues with the plant if there is nutrient deficiency. The growing plant needs proper care so look out for all the nutrient deficiency.

When you are growing weed in a greenhouse, also make sure the plant is not under watered too otherwise it will be deficient of the key nutrients. There are many ways in which a plant can become nutritionally deficient. The hot potting mix contains many nutrients that can turn to be too much for the plant thus making the nutrients toxic for the plant.

One can make out whether the plant is receiving adequate water and nutrients or not by the signals the plant gives to its owner. The cannabis seedlings need to have a vibrant shade of green but if it is too dark or gives a burnt appearance on the tip of the leaves, it is understandable that it is growing in a toxic environment.

The leaves should not be curled, nor should they turn yellow. If these symptoms are noticed by someone that clearly means the plant requires care as it is getting too many or too few nutrients. Adjust the growing strategy according to the symptoms shown by the plant.

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