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Cannabis Entrepreneur Enas Barkho turned his dreams into reality by opening up his own luxury weed brand “JetFuel”




The famous cannabis entrepreneur initiated JetFuel by bridging together cannabis and music.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs of the world had entered the field of business not just to create something new and put forward in front of the people their entrepreneurial skills, some of them have had great purposes as well behind their creations and thus, have never failed to impress everyone through their talents. One such talented Iraqi entrepreneur is Enas Barkho, who turned his dreams of building a cannabis firm into reality with his luxury weed brand “JetFuel”. Barkho stands out amongst the many in the industry with his passion for creating amazing cannabis products. Through his creativity and hard work, Barkho stepped into the vast field of cannabis and built a brand that could provide the best experience of luxury weed with the highest quality, sold at various dispensaries in all of California.

Since the beginning as a junior in high school in 1998, Barkho had realized and understood the potential of cannabis and that one day it could become recreational and change the world for the better. Since he also had keen interests in music, he knew that he would bridge both cannabis and music together and become a prominent name as an entrepreneur. Barkho was a connoisseur of cannabis and a businessman since the time he was only 17 years of age.

His 10 years into the industry resulted in creating his own luxury weed brand named “JetFuel”. Not just that, he has shown his prowess in public relations and talent management as well. His cannabis brand has been marketed by various renowned social media influencers across platforms where along with them happy customers also post pictures and tag them with JetfuelOG on their social media handles.

Since the year 2018, the first year in sales of licensed cannabis in California, the sales of recreational marijuana has seen a rise from approximately $2.5 billion, through the evaluation using many sales-monitoring firms. California’s outlets that survived tough licensing after the rough patch in 2018 have been trying out and the packaging guidelines have become stronger after the influx of great investment which has paved the way for them to get benefitted by the large population of the state and the suppressed demand of legal products, according to various analysts for income-tracking firms.

Barkho knew how to optimize and capitalize both the industries of marijuana and music as California is the hotspot for these two industries. For the last 15 years, Barkho has been a part of the creative industry and is the founder of “Face Card”, his talent management group. Many artists have progressed through his company like Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, and Xzibit. All the artists were also into the cannabis industry, and this made Barkho invest heavily for creating brands in the cannabis industry by naming it Jet Fuel.

He has been ahead in creating an innovative brand offering high-end cannabis, with extremely high THC percentage giving an extravagant product. Barkho’s JetFuel is marijuana’s strain and so far, it has only been consistent in its growth with its high-quality products.

Barkho has today transformed his life from being just a cultivator to being the brand ambassador, connoisseur and the founder of the same, making his cannabis brand grow up and above the sky.

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