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Cannabiotix is becoming one of the top pioneer cannabis brands in California and Nevada




Using modern cultivation and offering unique products, Cannabiotix is becoming one of the leading cannabis brands in the industry.

Although attitudes towards cannabis are slowly changing across the world, the United States has always led the demand and production of cannabis goods. California and Nevada have seen a surge in the growth of cannabis companies across these states and the need for a variety of quality cannabis products is only increasing. Hence, a hardworking duo came together with their talented team of professionals and introduced their company “Cannabiotix” into the industry.

These two individuals, expert cultivators and entrepreneurs, took the right decisions at the right time with the right strategies that could help them sustain themselves in the already fiercely competitive market. They started their journey with Cannabiotix in 2014 and since then have given 100% in growing, developing, and cultivating the top shelf cannabis flowers and products so unique that people have become brand loyal.

Cannabiotix offers a variety of products in categories like cartridges, flowers, pre-rolls, and solvents. It has a genetic library of more than 55 strains. Through their extensive collection of strains, they even create potent concentrates like budders, shatters, vapes, live resins, and sugars. They are also one of the market leaders as all of the flower that is used for their infused products and concentrates is sourced internally. This allows Cannabiotix to maintain quality-control across all the different aspects of its production.

Amongst the many other reasons, Cannabiotix also proves its mettle in the market by choosing the most innovative cultivation process that makes use of organic and sustainable farming techniques as well as modern technological and science based methods that help in giving the brand award-winning, PGR free and clean cannabis flowers.

Cannabiotix has been widely appreciated for their high-end quality products and has also received over 20 awards within the industry. Cannabiotix has been the favourite of most cannabis connoisseurs in the US and this has led to their popular social media presence, which has helped them connect with fans and customers.

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