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Billy Arora and the new model lifestyle in Los Angeles




Los Angeles has always been a hotspot for creatives; whether it’s artists, musicians, actresses and actors or fashion models. The images and stories about the glamorous life on the west-coast are endless and known all over the world.

But how much of it is true and is such a fast paced lifestyle really sustainable or even the reality of a top model? We asked LA-based top fashion model Billy Arora (IMG, The Industry, Elite) about her every day life in Los Angeles and how it compares with travelling in Europe, New York City, or her hometown in Canada.

‘I try to imply as much of a healthy routine as I can with my job’ says Billy, already breaking with some of the image we might have had of a fashion model in the city of angels. ‘The job brings so much last minute changes, unset schedules and things that can restrict you in certain ways, that I am very protective about things like meals, workouts, social time and of course sleep. Even the constant travelling is very underestimated, when it comes to the effects on body and mind. Health is an important aspect of my life and something I am passionate about.’

We all know the stories about Los Angeles, the high society, Hollywood and its vices, so obviously we are interested what makes Los Angeles home for Billy, when none of those things seem to be appealing to her. Are all those stories just myths?

‘No that surely exists but my life is far away from all of that. I guess people choose their lifestyle. I am in Los Angeles because I love the place, the ocean and beaches, the great places to go for healthy food and of course also because I have some of my best friends living here. I just love to go to workouts with friends, often multiple times a day or meet for lunch. Those simple things and the ocean and places around make me love my life here and make the place home to me.’

When we asked her about her favourite places in or around Los Angeles, we definitely got a better picture of her lifestyle.

‘I love Venice and Malibu, anything close to the ocean. I grew up by the ocean in Canada and having it close by always helps feeling home. For workouts I love Rumble, I actually really got into boxing workouts during my time here. Carrie’s Pilates is amazing too and sometimes Risenation for a quick cardio session. For food, I’m definitely guilty of being one of Erewhon’s best customers.’

She also ensures that this is the reality of the majority of hard working top models, as anything else would not be sustainable over a long period of time. Especially travelling long distances for jobs in Europe or New York City can be exhausting and you have to be in your best shape and ready to work all day the moment you arrive somewhere.

If you’re interested in Billy’s lifestyle and journey, make sure to follow her on her Instagram and she’ll take you with her on her next trip to Paris, Milan, London or wherever life will take her next.

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