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BE Review: Unique business concept for the benefit of people




The world is changing rapidly, and the future will witness a vital shift and an increased pace of innovation. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things transform the next-get product and service development, and working from home is the new trend. OECD Research predicts that in the next 10 years, 50% of the current jobs in the market will be cut down or not there.

BE, a tech-based company, started with just two employees back in 2018. It now has over 150 employees across the world, and its headquarters is in Dubai. BE founders Monir Islam, Moyn Islam, and Ehsaan Islam were among the few talented entrepreneurs who predicted this paradigm shift of the traditional working. BE reviews and identifies new trends on an ongoing basis. It came up with a suite of platforms for people from all walks of life to work from their smartphones and become financially independent. Not just business, this company’s grand mission of serving humanity has turned out to be its biggest asset. This has paved the path to its enormous success.

In a nutshell, this company’s business idea revolves around the exclusive concept of ‘Live and Learn.’ With its dynamic ecosystem backed by AI technology, it built an innovative e-learning platform that provides guidance and mentorship on the best skills to learn and grow effectively. With one million users, its modern live streaming platform also offers diverse content in multiple languages. The selection of personalized content based on the geo-location of the user’s country or region is advantageous. Moreover, its cutting-edge online travel platform helps people experience the world’s glories while making a living out of it.

Success is not an activity; instead, it is a continuous process, and this company is marching towards a bright future. Keeping at par with the disruptive digital transformations, it has successfully empowered people with their digital products. Unlike many other businesses, it looked beyond its profit and has developed a new-age business outlook that helps several independent business owners do business by utilizing their modern technology. As quoted by Moyn Islam Forbes’ article, “For a community to change, knowledge is vital, and this is what BE (formerly known as Melius) is about. We have envisioned a prepared future rather than sticking to the status quo through proffering people the tools to stay ahead of the inevitable.”

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