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Ariel Gorelik Steps Up




Ariel Gorelik had always loved helping others and so there was no surprise that in 2016 after his mother passed away from cancer due to her addiction to smoking, that he would try and find a solution to prevent this exact thing from happening to others.

He put aside a lot of time and energy into researching different alternatives to smoking cigarettes that would be safer for users everywhere. He opened up vape shops located in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and NJ to help him get a better understanding and insight into this industry. With that knowledge he then started his own e-cigarette company now known as MYLÉ.

To ensure the safety of everyone, Gorelik ensures that all proper safety protocols are followed by those in the lab who creates his supply. The safety of the workers and of the consumers has always been a top priority and he won’t accept anything less from the best. Some of these protocols include a smooth inhale, a universal charging port, an extended battery life, and of course great nicotine flavors for everyone.

Gorelik starting his own brand was challenging as there was so much to learn. His most important piece of advice when scaling a business is the supply. He explains that you always want to be sure that you have enough supply and that you don’t run out. If this happens you will have unhappy customers that probably won’t return and will go elsewhere, so make sure you have enough supply for your demand and adjust accordingly.

He also says that your business is only as good at the people running it. He continues on to explain that to have a properly running company, you need a good, strong and motivated team who want to work for you and who will help give you input on things that you may have never considered. Not everyone has the same mindset and thinks the same and that’s not always a bad thing as it could help you solve faster and more efficiently in the future.

“Never doubt yourself or your intuition when you have an idea that may help others. Be bold and passionate; be a leader not a follower. Everyone has it in themselves to lead. Look for the opportunities in life to improve the lives of others and good things will follow for all,” Gorelik said. 

He shares this as a reminder to us all to never give up on our vision when knowing that you have the opportunity to help out people from all over the world.

Alongside MYLÉ, Gorelik also helps to run his sister’s business called KYLÉ which focuses on CBD. This brand has also recently started a CBD delivery system that will allow people from the United States to get their favorite products delivered right to their doors for easy access. Their next focus is to get their delivery program spread to the UK and different European Countries.

To find out more about Ariel Gorelik and what he has planned next for his brands, don’t forget to give his Instagram page a follow @arigorelik

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