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Andreas Vezonik: The rising star entrepreneur offering people hassle-free financial services




Today the internet has provided people with things & technologies that a few years ago weren’t possible. It has paved the way for so many newer inventions & innovations that have given people all around the world a reason to smile with regards to many things in the online world that initially posed as a challenge. With the advent of so many online financial services & the number of experts in the field emerging every day, it becomes imperative to talk about one such individual who has given more than 100% in offering people around the world the same. We are talking about Andreas Vezonik, who today is considered to be the rising star entrepreneur with the kind of services his companies have been offering & how easy he has made the working of financial services for people.

All of 23 years of age & born on 12th September 1996 in Klagenfurt, Austria, Andreas had a normal upbringing & life just like any other child. However, with the aim to do something bigger & better in life, Andreas as a teenager at only 17 decided to jump into the online marketing world to try his hands at network marketing only to discover that he had fallen in love with it. His career got a jump start working with various health product companies & later, the path took him into the field of finance & banking. Little did he know then that in just no time he would be able to accumulate & build a customer base of 25,000 by providing financial services in the European market so much so that it would result in $25,000,000 in sales. This was the time during which Andreas saw his confidence increasing & became fearless speaking to thousands of people.

Andreas soon realised that he was made for doing business & in 2018 initiated his first company called “VolumeX.” This baby of Andreas dealing in forex trading & cryptocurrency, as well as an educational platform in Europe, soon expanded at an exponential rate spreading across 35 countries & building 15,000 customers. Andreas became the CEO of the company which showed faster growth trying to make its presence felt more each day.

The success of VolumeX made Andreas launch his second company named “Transfera”. This All-In-One-Solution is about offering wallet services, cryptocurrency exchange, issuing IBAN accounts & MasterCard debit cards, making the company the first European regulated entity. What makes Transfera stand out from its competitors like Wirex, Revolut, N26, Skrill is that people do not need different logins to carry out different types of businesses. Transfera offers one login to carry out all of their online work with all products, which includes bank account, debit card, exchange. Another reason that sets his company apart from its competitors is that the company believes in providing cheaper & faster money transfers plus no fees for exchanges to cryptocurrency. 

Andreas serves as the CEO & CFO of both his companies & offer financial services to customers to make their life more comfortable & convenient. Speaking of the people & companies, Andreas wishes to target individuals between the age group of 18-35 who are looking out for cheap private bank accounts & almost no fees for exchange of money to friends & family & also help companies struggling for a bank account. Promoting his companies through Google & Instagram, Andreas wants to drive as much traffic as possible for making people more aware that such easy to handle and fast & secure online financial services also exist. Andreas also desires to build a loyal customer base of 1,000,000 by 2022.

Entrepreneurs like Andreas make people learn what hard work & persistence is all about & makes them believe in their dreams to show them that if people have the right determination & positivity in life, nobody can stop them.

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