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Andreas Matuska shares how he made his name in the network marketing industry




One of the biggest challenges every person faces is to decide the apt career stream. Like the majority of the people, Andreas Matuska also did not have a fixed aim and a vision about the future. Born on October 10, 1995, in Austria, he had a sharp mind and always scored good grades during school. Today he is a multi-talented personality and is among the top 20 network marketers across the globe. He is also an international speaker, trainer and coach, investor and has helped many people in network marketing to create 6-figure income.

At 15, he started working as a worker but he knew that he was not contented with his work. His unsatisfactory work caused several problems at home and he was also warned that he would be kicked out from the workplace. Two years later, while he was doing the same job, Andreas saw a life-changing video on YouTube which titled ‘Millionaires don’t work hard, they work smart’. At the age of 17, he found made up his mind to earn money via Instagram. Not only he handled social media pages of brands, but also helped the businessman to grow their digital presence.

The young guy, however, realized that he was working hard but not working smartly. To work efficiently, he started working as a network marketer at the age of 18 in a product-based company. The first three years he witnessed severe turmoil and he did not even get the paycheck of more than €200. Gradually, network marketing worked in his favour and while he was 21, he changed his working strategy. Andreas built his online brand and inspired people with it. At the end of 2015, he held an event which was graced by more than 120 people.

The online business opened the doors of success for him and in 2016, this young guy made 6-figures. With his strategy, he inspired many other people and today he has got more than 100,000 marketers in more than 50 countries. “I feel blessed to know that I am among the top 20 earners in the network marketing industry. I have inspired people with my speeches on stage with an attendance of more than 30,000. That feeling is surreal”, said Matuska. Giving it back to the people, Andreas Matuska is highly attached towards charity and many of his team members who are earning 7-figures have built schools in the third world countries.

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