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An insight into the entrepreneurial journey of Ahmed Mukhtar




Ahmed Mukhtar is a serial network marketing leader based in London UK. He started his network marketing business at the age of 24 and within 3 years build a massive distribution of over 21,000 distributors. Today his business expands in over 20+ countries making him one the highest-earning millennials in the industry.

Ahmed hails from North West London. His father was a bus driver and the family was struggling financially. Without any entrepreneurial background or experience, Ahmed aced in network marketing and became a multi-millionaire by the age of 28.he has successfully managed to earn $3.6 million through network marketing in 4 years.

At present, Ahmed is the President and Co-Founder of NeXarise, a company that is the Amazon of Network Marketing. The company teaches people how to be entrepreneurs by working for themselves. They provide an online website where people can market essential services and earn monthly income from this.

Ahmed is a young hardworking man with a dynamic personality which makes him different within his industry. He faced rejection, doubters, naysayers and haters but kept working on himself, invested time in attending conventions, seminars and never missed a business training.

He focuses on personal growth during his free time by learning new languages, reading books. He loves to spend time with his family. Ahmed has achieved financial freedom, he has been able to live life on his terms, travels the world, helps people achieve their goals.

He says the biggest distress tip is, “Work hard for 90 days straight and take 2 weeks to a one-off.” He also gives tips to avoid a stressful day by dividing your day into 3 hour periods.

“By staying relevant, helping others and working hard”, is the strategy he opts to grow and succeed.

When asked him for advice for people just starting, he said, “Take the leap of faith. Believe in yourself and until you try. You would never know.”

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