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Alison Bowles on Traveling the World and Pursuing Her Dreams




Photo by Manny Michaels; Alison wearing Lacy Coe

In today’s highly digitized world, some entrepreneurs have taken a nomadic approach to life and have designed their work to suit their travel goals. One such entrepreneur, blogger, and lifestyle influencer who fits this category is Alison Bowles. The founder of Wander in Wheels has built a life that redefines work and passion for many people. 

Alison Kay Bowles practically lives off a suitcase. Every week, she moves to a completely different city, documenting her escapades and sharing it with her social media following. She is one of the many successful digital nomads who have found the secret sauce to building a livelihood that affords a life of adventure while moving around the world in style. 

The travel blogger is also an international model who has worked with brands like the world-renowned Maxim. She signed with MMG New York and has followed her passion for modeling on top of her undying love for travel, a combination that brings joy and fulfillment to her every day. Alison Bowles doesn’t fit the normal mold of the modeling world. “I am 5’3″ in an industry that says I need to be at least 5’8”, and thinnot muscular,” shares Alison. “But I am breaking glass ceilings in the industry to change industry standards to represent petite women.”

Many people also know Alison as the fiancée of Major League Baseball pro athlete Adeiny Hechavarria, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. She knows what it’s like being in front of media, both mainstream and digital. When Instagram first came out, she picked up on the curve pretty early on. Noticing how many people were building a brand and following on the platform, she started to develop her career out of it. To date, the influencer has gathered over 138 thousand followers on the social media platform and is still growing. 

Alison uses her platform to represent various brands and showcase her many travels. Moreover, she also uses her voice and presence for more social purposes. Alison discovered that she had skin cancer at twenty-two years old. Today she is a survivor and dedicates her life to building awareness around the debilitating disease. She also founded YOUv Radiance Charity, a non-profit that hosts events to raise awareness and education on skin cancer and teach people how to prevent it. 

When she’s not busy modeling or advocating for her cause, Alison Bowles runs multiple business ventures from beachfronts and fancy hotels. She owns Wander in Heels, a successful travel blog that has built partnerships with various hotels and tourism companies. Alison takes charge of all content creation and also provides people with preset packs from her travels. 

Alison also operates and owns an online boutique called Lacy Coe that provides various stylish clothing, swimwear, and merchandise. She also helped start Slay Miami, the country’s first CBD Sports Recovery Center.

In all her endeavors, Alison Bowles seeks to be an inspiration to others. She hopes that her journey would motivate others to start their aspirational journeys and turn their dreams into reality. “I want people to be inspired and motivated to go after the goals and desires that God placed in their heart,” Alison shares confidently. “There is always a way, even when it seems impossible!”

To learn more about Alison Bowles and her various adventures and ventures, check out her travel blog and Instagram account.

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