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Alessandro Cassano’s Training System, TRIVO, helps Every Person Overcome his Limits to Meet his Goals




Life coach and personal trainer, Alessandro Cassano, has introduced a robust training system, TRIVO. This system works as per the goals and objectives of every individual to help anyone see results in his overall progress.

Alessandro Cassano is using his training system, TRIVO (Intensive and Definitive Training of Objectives) to provide individual training. The trainer has utilized his knowledge as a personal trainer and as a specialist in neurolinguistic programming to build this training system.

Establishing a Direct Relationship with a Person

TRIVO allows Alessandro Cassano to establish a direct relationship with a person to help him develop in every aspect. This training system signifies his achievements at a professional as well as a personal level. It is built on the elements of trust, alliance, and sharing.

Alessandro Cassano is utilizing the training system to offer one to one coaching to individuals by keeping in mind their goals as well as objectives. This helps to pay deep attention to each person to help him to achieve better results by overcoming his limits.

Provides Encouragement and Support

Alessandro believes that motivation is required to train an individual using the training system. He asks every trainee about his needs, objectives, and achievements to encourage them to work for better results. Alessandro has designed TRIVO to keep participants motivated to help them evolve better during the training sessions.

Focus on Overall Wellness 

Life coach Alessandro Cassano has always put his focus on physical and mental training to contribute to the overall strengthening of trainees. Since his childhood times, Alessandro was passionate about physical and mental wellness. And in TRIVO, he has utilized all his experience to provide a quality service to his clients to contribute to their overall wellness.

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