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Album Trading Cards, The Startup to Look Out for in 2021!




Album Trading Cards (ATC), founded by parent company Barefoot Doyen, is taking a whole new approach to trading cards! They make pristine trading cards of the music industry’s superstars. This company has generated so much buzz going into 2021 that it has made the “Top Ten Startups to Watch in 2021” list! From millionaire investors and superstars to young boys and girls, everyone wants a piece of the magic.

There are four key factors that have contributed to the startup’s success. Firstly, music artists have surpassed athletes in popularity in today’s youth culture, creating a huge market for the brand. Secondly, since the coronavirus pandemic, the trading card industry has boomed and shows signs of an upward trend for years to come. Thirdly, the brand has the potential to merge innovative technology with collectible memorabilia in which case the brand’s net worth could easily cross that of Pokemon ($31 billion). Finally, the value of each card could fluctuate based on the performance of the artist who’s on it, making it similar to companies in a stock market. The potential to act as an investment and would create a “yeezy” like hype around the brand. These four factors have created a storm of attention around the emerging young brand.

We are expecting Album Trading Cards to be the biggest opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities and investors to rake in massive capital gains.

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