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Aditya Belnekar—- Youngest digital entrepreneur elucidated his notions on the impotence of Digital Marketing.




Aditya Belnekar is one of the top youngest entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals, software innovators, and specifically the President of the South Mumbai Crime Prevention Department. Being only 24 years old he is the founder of Asia’s leading digital company TEAMWIZARDMEDIA in the digital sphere which is running successfully from the last five years.

Here in this Aditya elucidated the most important aspects of digital marketing that are absolutely mandatory for being one. He composed that the massive penetration of digital technology is pushing communications to an advanced level, resulting in the creation of virtuous data systems to transform the way we make, sell, and buy. The Internet fast emerged from a modest research network to a robust commercial infrastructure with an exponentially growing number of the user base. Consequently, novel business functionalities such as E-Commerce and Digital Marketing are redefining the way businesses reach and interact with customers.

The emergence of mobile technology and the growing accessibility and affordability of Internet-based devices such as tablet-PCs and smartphones with huge storage capacities, fast computing capabilities, and data transmission speeds are further pushing the popularity of this concept.

Aditya idolized the importance of it in the business. Digital Marketing allows businesses to reinvent their marketing strategies to better connect with target customers and to stay relevant in the customer’s perspective. In the process, businesses leverage technology-enabled tools such as emails, blogs, and social media to expand the reach of their offerings.

It is penetrating deeper into the worldwide market, driven largely by innovations such as extensive data integration and Big Data technologies. Businesses now realize the importance of customer behavior information and usage data to draft new marketing strategies. Furthermore, this has reinvented the advertising approaches to providing more focused and accurate messages to customers.

It provides considerable cost benefits to businesses in terms of affordability. Unlike the conventional marketing media such as a print or television, using digital media such as social media or an email can convey the message to a greater number of audiences at just a fraction of the cost. Another significant advantage of it is the ease of tracking and monitoring results through customer response patterns.

At last, he concluded that This particular arena offers significant growth opportunities for the ones who love challenges and dynamic work settings amidst a rapidly changing online market trends. Students can actually gain experience in a simple way. Well, we wish him good luck in the future.


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