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Achieving astounding success as an influential woman entrepreneur from Australia is Claudia Karba.




She is the CEO and Founder of WE ARE SOCIAL Media, a flourishing digital agency, growing businesses and increasing their presence online.

Enough has already been said about many new talents and entrepreneurs who have shown brilliance through their way of working, work ethics and the commitment they have shown towards their business. However, ever thought what could be that one thing that may have helped all these people create their unique success story and also maintain that momentum in their respective fields? Well, “Nothing beats persistence and the attitude to easily adapting to the changing times of the world,” says Claudia Karba, CEO and Founder of a flourishing digital marketing agency called ‘WE ARE SOCIAL Media’. This digital agency, under the leadership of Claudia Karba, has only been rising to the top with a growing list of clientele that trusts this incredible woman entrepreneur and business strategist for her proven methods in digital marketing and branding. Her passion and dedication to making each of her clients successful have also taken her to the highest realms of the industry. Claudia Karba stands tall as a well-known coach as well who loves to help high-level coaches to create predictable and scalable offers online.

Claudia Karba has an extraordinary history of working in senior management positions for many Australian and international retail companies, giving over two decades to the industry. She has to her credit an exceptionally successful million-dollar luxury organic pet homeware company called ‘Sasha & Me’ in 2011, offering adaptable pet luxury designs to complement contemporary home interiors. In 2015, Claudia Karba entered the digital marketing space and since then has never looked back. Today, she is the owner of her digital agency WE ARE SOCIAL Media that puts the right strategies, growth and real results at the forefront of everything they do and help clients reach the next level in the digital space.

She loves to coach high-level coaches and help them with organic and paid advertising to help launch their offers and create online programs for them. Claudia Karba went a step further and created ‘done for you services’ for 6-7 figure coaches, helping them with the implementation of everything for them to launch their digital events or Facebook group challenges.

The ace entrepreneur, coach and business strategist has a few advice for people who wish to grow in the same career path as hers. 

  • Be consistent and learn patience: Claudia Karba says that to attain success, there are absolutely no shortcuts. Hence, people need to make consistent efforts and learn to be patient to achieve the success they desire.
  • Be persistent: If people learn to stick to their goals and work persistently to achieve the same, nothing or nobody can stop them, believes Claudia Karba. People must show up every time with intention and work steadfastly towards the same.
  • Work harder: When individuals decide to reach a certain prominent position in their career, they must also be prepared to work harder each day consistently to see the results they desire.

Claudia Karba confesses that she invested heavily in herself when she transitioned to coaching and digital marketing. She also feels blessed to be surrounded by an incredible team and believes that together they have created a success story, capable of inspiring others. To connect with her, follow her on Instagram @claudiakarba.

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