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A Promise of Quality and Affordability From Twenty Beauty Foundation




Are you one of them who bought a high-end product with loads of cash that neither matches skin tone nor your bank account? Continue reading if you have been in this bubble of dilemma .oh yes! But don’t want to tune in drug store makeup that lasts more in the container than on your face. While disposable incomes are slightly rising than affordable A1 brands, there has been quite a shift in consumerism towards exquisite makeup.

Little that we are aware that these brands are in promising in everything except price, but continue to empty our wallets as we Love makeup that gives us a beat face with nourishment. Sadly, these are the brands that make it to the shelves of Sephora or boots in urban which are nearly unavailable for those in the countryside. New entrant Twenty Beauty, a brand aroused by inclusivity seemed to fill in devoid of a makeup brand that offers both quality and affordability. Besides, this brand won many beautiful hearts by its bold and inclusive campaign that highlights the uniqueness of beauty in every skin tone.

When asked the about the inspiration of the brand, Founders of twenty beauty Jyotsna Reddy and Santhoshi Reddy said,” We launched twenty beauty to fill in the space of sustainable makeup brands that one doesn’t need to compromise with either goodness of ingredients or the price. It is very unfortunate many brands have not been able to cater to many skin tones barely leaving any choices for deep skin tones. Often in a quest for the perfect shade, many consumers have been vulnerable to exorbitant prices with less quality or ending at counterfeit goods that are extremely unsafe to use. Nevertheless, we are content that consumers of different regions are now been able to experience inclusive lip paints that are available in both vibrant and nude variants with the goodness of emollients and nourishing oil that enables the good application of the product. It is Needless has already disrupted the cosmetics industry with some spoiling choices here.

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