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A Model with a Cause: Katharina Mazepa Shares Her Passion for Animal Rights




Photo: Courtesy of dreamstate

The world of modeling has changed dramatically over the years, with the majority of famed models simultaneously playing the role of influencers. Some take the position with a grain of salt, others use it for self-promotional purposes, but a select few inspiring faces take their platform and the high follower count that comes along with it, and use it for good. Austrian model, and former Miss Vienna, Katharina Mazepa falls into the final category, using her position to promote her selfless passion for animal rights.

Mazepa has been passionate about animal rights since she was a child. She even became a vegetarian—something that was nearly unheard of at the time in Austria—at 11 years old. She explains that what brought her to the decision was not one moment, but rather that the more she thought about where her food was coming from, and the more research she did, the more she saw issues with it. “I realized how interconnected everything is, from the animals to the environment—in terms of carbon dioxide emissions,” she elaborates as her big eyes fill with the kind of emotion that incites undeniable empathy. Mazepa spent many of her lunches collecting signatures for Greenpeace while in high school, and a lot of her free time volunteering with 4 Paws.

These days however, the beauty has shifted her focus to “digital activism.” She uses her Instagram account, which has amassed an impressive following over 600k, to raise awareness, share pertinent information, and help collect donations for animal rights organizations and initiatives. Mazepa is also currently working with several sustainable brands to create social campaigns and initiatives that will raise funding for organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and others. She’s a big fan of sharing info on her insta-story, like she is so passionate about the subject matter, as well as informative content from environmental and animal organization accounts. “I try to spread awareness and invite people to be more mindful in their daily lives, because that does have an impact,” she explains.

Follow the big-hearted beauty to find out more about her passion, on her Instagram.

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