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7 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Connected With Friends Over Winter Break




Winter break is an exciting time for students. It represents a much needed break from school and time with family during the holidays. But children need their own time, too, away from parents and siblings and extended family.

Let’s be honest. Parents need a break, too, from having their children around all the time during the winter holidays. It’s important to find ways to help your children find ways to spend time with friends over the break. Now more than ever, you may need to be creative to accommodate families still wary about having too many visitors. But there are options for you and your kids.

Consider these tips for keeping your children connected to their peers while school is out during the winter break.

Share contact information

Before your child comes home for the holidays, make sure they share contact information with their friends. You may think you can find phone numbers in school directories. But not all families list their direct phone number. Some parents offer work numbers.

Let your child know that they should share contact information with friends they want to connect with during break. If your child is old enough to have a safe phone for kids, they can collect contacts with it. You can also reach out to parents of children you may already know. Share your family’s holiday schedule with them and ask for theirs. That way, you can arrange get-togethers that fit both of your schedules.

Plan a multi-family outing

If you enjoy spending time with the families of your children’s friends, you can all get together. Plan an outing during the break, perhaps even a mini-vacation. Perhaps you all enjoy camping or you would like to share a day trip. Set up a time that works for the families and host the event.

This doesn’t have to be a fancy gathering. Just find a family-friendly event and make time for everyone to enjoy a good time together.

Organize a virtual party

If you struggle with having too many of your child’s friends at your home during the break, there are options. You could help your child arrange a virtual party. Your child’s friends can connect online through a video app. This type of event can include as many classmates as you like on the video conference. It also has the added benefit of reducing headaches for the parents of your child’s friends.

Introduce letter writing

Most children know how to write letters to Santa over the Christmas break. But many are not familiar with the art of writing letters to friends. They don’t know what it’s like to receive something in the mail. This is a novel activity you can share with your child.

Teach them how to write a letter to their friends and how to send them through the mail. Encourage their friends to play along by responding with their own letter or postcard. They can include riddles or puzzles in the letters, or other notes that are special to them.

Plan a small classmate gathering

Winter break is also an opportunity to host get-togethers for your child’s classmates. You could invite them over for a weekend barbecue party or an afternoon of games. You could also schedule a trip for the group to the local arcade or theme park. It all depends on your schedule and ability to serve as host. Take them all to the ice or roller skating rink.

Think of activities that don’t revolve around sitting in front of a computer monitor or television. The idea is to help bring a group of friends together during the break. This will help keep your child connected during the break and build lifelong memories with friends.

Host a movie night

If the thought of dozens of children running around your house frightens you, think smaller. Your child will also enjoy spending time with just a few friends. Host a movie night for a few of them to enjoy. You can plan easy-to-make snacks and beverages.

The kids can choose a movie on one of your cable or streaming channels. You could host the party on the patio or deck outside and play a DVD on an outdoor projector. Or if you don’t want to hassle with visitors at your home, take them to a local theater.

Set up a game night

Another easy way to bring your child together with friends is by hosting game night. You could arrange with other parents a rotating event, like a playoff among friends. Different families can host game nights during the break. Pick your favorite board games (no video games at this party). Encourage your children to enjoy a different kind of play.

You could also get more creative by hosting a different type of competition. Perhaps you are up for scheduling a neighborhood scavenger game. You can invite your child’s friends from school and children in the neighborhood.

The winter break can offer your child a chance to relax for a while before returning to school. But it doesn’t mean they have to leave their friends behind. Help your kids stay connected with friends and keep them from getting bored at home.


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