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3 Campaigns to Attract the Attention of Subscribers who have Forgotten Us




3 Campaigns to Attract the Attention of Subscribers who have Forgotten Us

If there’s one thing new entrepreneurs and marketers have in common, it’s that they’re both constantly searching for what works and what doesn’t. One of these many things that you have to spend time on is creating email marketing campaigns to reactivate subscribers who have forgotten us.

Just as it is more difficult to sell to a new client than to one that is already one, in email marketing we could apply the same analogy and try to improve the relationship of contacts who do not interact and not only focus all efforts on attracting more subscribers.

Getting a solid database to do email marketing takes time, especially because you have to send relevant content that in some way helps us push the user through the sales funnel, while they perceive that we are sending them something valuable or useful. Getting this perfect formula takes a long time.

While we find our rosetta stone, we are likely to lose engagement with some subscribers. Those who once bought from us and had everything to become brand ambassadors and those who never interacted with the brand belong to this list.

Either way, reactivation campaigns to get the attention of inactive subscribers should be applied to rescue part of that database that can help us meet our marketing objectives. So, if you are in that dilemma, stay and be inspired by the examples that I am going to mention below.

3 Examples of Email Marketing Campaigns to Reactivate Subscribers

According to an article published by Return Path, 25% of the emails that are in a business database belong to that small inactive segment. That is to say, it is natural that as an online business you have inactive subscribers, however, in the efforts to refine a digital marketing strategy, the idea of being able to reactivate them to extend our online presence should always be reflected.

We must always dedicate part of our effort in digital marketing to reactivate those contacts that do not interact with our campaigns.

How do the big brands do it? We have done a bit of benchmarking on the web to collect as an example what these 5 companies do.

· Animoto

Animoto is a platform that is dedicated to creating videos from its different forms for companies, families, individuals, etc…

And in their attempt to create an email marketing campaign to reactivate subscribers, they have sent the following email:

“Do you still want to know about us?” It is the question that Animoto poses in this email and in its text expresses the concern that the subscriber receives interesting and relevant content.

That is why he has put a great Call to Action so that it is the same user who personally changes the preferences. That is, indicate what type of content you want to receive often and thus be more active to the business email chains.

As you can see, to reactivate subscribers who have forgotten us, great creative efforts and long days of brainstorming are not necessary, sometimes it is just a matter of applying a little common sense to be able to recover part of that database that has not registered activity for a long time.


The style that Mini applies to its mail to re-engage subscribers are linked to its brand image and the segment to which it is aimed. Especially because when thinking about this brand of cars we notice that its writing style is serious and very corporate and, although they retain it in a way, the irony is seen.

There are many reasons why the subscriber decides to be out, but the best way to find out is to ask directly, and so has MINI, they have asked several questions that raise the reasons why they have been inactive and at the same time describe the solutions so that it is the same user who decides what type of content to receive from now on.

If as the sender of the campaign you have determined and listed some of the possible reasons, send them to this list of less active subscribers and let the same subscriber decide what to read in each newsletter.


Carter’s is a children’s clothing brand with a strong presence in the market for many years, both in the United States and in Latin America.

His way to reactivate subscribers who have forgotten him is simple, just send a tempting offer for the one who valued the brand at the time and now do not resist buying.

This type of reactivation of inactive subscribers is valid for ecommerce. To apply it effectively, you would have to analyze what you bought the last time you visited the site and offer similar or complementary products to encourage your purchase again. For this, this article will be very useful where we show you how to take advantage of dynamic content to generate newsletters.

Keep in mind that an email marketing campaign to reactivate subscribers who have forgotten you must be correctly segmented to achieve the effect you want, that you can do for the time that the inactive subscriber lasted, by sex, age, interests, etc…

The important thing is that you send the chain of emails to the correct person and do not get an adverse effect that you seek.

Virginia has been a Journalist for 6 years. After working with leading newspapers, she decided to write for various online news platforms so that more and more people could read her pieces. She has been with California Herald for over a year now and claims we are her favorite website.

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