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195 Million Posts on Instagram are showing Massive growth of Interest in CBD




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Social Standards is famous as a comparative analytics platform. Recently it has released its 2019 CBD Report that revealed a lot of things about CBD portfolio. The report included an analysis of the core traits associated with CBD. It was found from the report’s data that there are 195 million public Instagram posts from the US which are hinting at the growing popularity of CBD in the beauty, food and beverage, and personal care markets. The report has also looked at CBD’s consumer retention and month to month conversations mentioning CBD.

Social Standards‘ data is showing that CBD is not a new thing on social media. Consumers have been talking and discussing about it for years. Devon Bergman is the CEO of Social Standards. And he said that in the past few months, the talks about CBD products have risen a lot.

CBD is becoming a mainstream niche. As regulatory concerns related to the CBD sector are resolving quickly, CBD has become a major market insight for many brands including People are now looking for natural ways to treat issues like anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep disorders.

In the beauty space, people are talking a lot, mainly about CBD for skincare. They are looking for sustainable and clean products that cam treat inflammation and other skin issues. For personal care, consumers are talking about CBD for pain relief, especially for post-workout muscle recovery. And in food and beverage sector, consumers are talking about quality that is gained through CBD products. Do make sure to get a clear understanding on what is CBD oil first.

High consumer loyalty and repeated conversations about CBD are revealing that the customers are getting positive results from CBD.

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